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Someone begs for poorly made socks constantly then ditches the guild on the excuse of a new job (we all supported him and wished him luck with the new position) only to turn around and try to recruit one of our core members to help him found a poorly made socksty guild on MB, and I'm supposed to be all buddy buddy with him? custard that noise.


Nice spin and not how it went down, maybe you shouln't be poking fun of a def dude in vent when he can't hear you like a chump D. I didn't try to recruit anyone, i told him if he ever found himself needing a home to let me know. And i left. Dropped chimpy a line on the boards and said i wasn't ganna stir poorly made socks further but i wouldn't put up with laughing at your own bro's disability. Get your facts right. 


To the rest of you who aren't salty still nice to see you boys here, and i should really check these forums more often, Drenath is dropping trash and lies out of every hole. Unfortunate you got so pissy i left yet State I'd be "begging" for a home. Don't post when so salty, you are so obviously full of poorly made socks when you do. Take a breath and chill man.

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