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On Crafting: Big World / Patch 3.5


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On Crafting:  Big World / Patch 3.5  (AKA, why does all the gear that folks are crafting right now blow so bad)


I spent a dozen or so hours experimenting with the crafting system over the past week or so.  The following is an attempt to provide folks with an intuitive understand how certain elements of gathering and crafting work.  (This is primarily based on my experience crafting fiery gold bars over the course of a couple mornings).


A fiery gold bar is a type of metal bar.  Metal bars are used to make weapons.  You craft a metal bar by going to the blacksmithing menu, selecting to “Weapons Components” and choosing “Metal Bar”.


All metal bars are constructing using (three stacks) X (three pieces) of ore – nine ore in all.  Each stack must be the same type of ore (gold or tin or copper) and be of the same quality (for now - grey, white, or green). 


The type of metal that you use will impact the type of buff that the metal bar imbues.  The quality of the ore effects both the magnitude of the buff as well as the number of experimentation points that you have.  In my case, I will (eventually) use my gold bars to create a book of sin for a confessor.  Confessors throw around a lot of fire.  As such, I want to create metal bars that buff fire damage so I am creating Fiery Gold bars using two gold stacks and one iron stack.  (There are a bunch of online guides showing different ore combinations and the buffs that they imbue)


First things first, I’m going to go out and collect a hell of a lot of raw materials.  Crafting even a “basic” advanced weapon requires a lot of raw materials.  I’m trying to craft a very high end book which means that I want to start with green quality ore and leather and ONLY use base components where I enjoyed an amazing success during the crafting.  Based on my experiences so far, using a full load of harvesting potions, each sweep of resource node averages roughly one green quality ore, six white quality ore, and roughly 25 grey quality ore.  On the crafting side, once again, using a full set of crafting potions, about one in ten attempts at crafting a metal bar yields an “amazing success”.  (Roughly one in ten attempts is failure.  I haven’t bothered to figure out the distribution of for the other quality levels, however, most of what you see is at the center of the quality distribution)


From what I can tell, the best possible fiery gold bar that can be crafted right now has a + to fire damage bonus of +.086.  This was crafted when I lucked out and got an amazing success with six green gold ore, three green iron ore, and maxed out all my experimentation points.  Here’s a couple data points for comparison:


1.     A “great success” using the same quality ore yields a + to fire damage bonus of .075

2.     An “amazing success” using white quality ore (one down the chain) yields of + to fire damage bonus of + .078


Note:  An amazing success with lower quality ore is slightly better than a “great success” with the same quality ore.


For now, the big takeaway is the following:  Blueprints are going to be incredibly important.


That top quality bar requires nine green ore.  (Think completely mining nice resource nodes).  After which, I only have a 10% chance of crafting an Amazing Quality metal bar.


After I make my metal bar, I have three more steps in the chain before I finally produce my books.  (I need to produce “Chapters”, “Bound Chapters,” and then I finally get to make my book).  If the chance of an amazing success for each of these steps stays at 10% or so, then I am going to need to craft roughly 5,000 metal bars to make the best possible quality book.  (Each book requires five metal bars).  [Please note, it feels as if the chance of an amazing success further up the funnel increases if you are using very high quality ingredients, however, I don’t think that I have nearly enough data for statistically valid results]


Blueprints will let you short circuit this mechanic.  Once you have a blueprint for a metal bar, you can guarantee that most metal bar that you make is are an “Amazing Success” and significantly increase your yield. (Ultimately, this is going to depend on how many copies of an item a blueprint is able to create before it degrades and the percentage chance that a skilled craftsman will have an amazing success)


Better yet, once you have blueprints for each step in the supply chain, you’re gonna be ready to create your trading empire.  Where life gets interesting is the sheer number of different types of final goods that people are going to need to produce and how “random” the final products are.  So far, the crafting system is feeling quite deterministic.  I am hoping that when we’re crafting high end final goods there will be enough serendipity involved to encourage constant experimentation.


"The cinnabar is a lie"

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