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[NA] Eterna | PVX | Semi-Hardcore | 18+ | TS3 | Organized | Active


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Recruitment StatusOpen

Level Requirement: 20+

Region: North America

Server: Not Yet Available

Timezone: EST

Member Style: Semi-Hardcore| Adult Oriented

Play Style: PVE - PVP - Organized Events

VOIP: TeamSpeak 3

Age Limit: 18+




Link to our Charter/Rules:



What is PVX?


An inclusive reference to both PvE and PvP. We do both PVE and PVP.

I have applied, now what?

We will be getting people that apply on the website to get on our Teamspeak Server so they understand what they are applying for. There are some Behind-The-Scenes goals that we do not publicly post, which we will discuss over Teamspeak.




Who is Eterna and what are we looking for in our community?


Eterna is recruiting players of all levels to join it's ranks. We have been on various games, as we are a premier multi-gaming community. We're not only a guild, we're a family. We treat each and every member the same and not like a number. We're currently looking to join the amazing game of Crowfall, and look for members while we do so.

Our passage in gaming started in 2013. We have been recruiting for many games and have dominated the playing field in every game we step into! We have our own dedicated and privately hosted Teamspeak 3 server, a website and more! We ask that if you're wanting to join Eterna, to sign up on our site so we can organize events and in-game progress as soon as humanly possible!

We can't wait to see you and we wish you the best of luck in the gaming world!


A little more information on Eterna Gaming™:

Eterna Gaming™ was started as a small guild, that eventually became a family and into a community. We are a guild/community trying to enhance the gaming experience of the players by creating the best virtual environment possible! With your help, we can make our community #1​ by spreading the name of Eterna in games. Our purpose is to make the best out of your stay in gaming and leave you with the best gaming experience.




Why should you pick Eterna Gaming™?

We host players with years of experience in various MMO's, some dating as far back as the first Everquest and Ultima Online. These players are all friendly and willing to help their members in whatever game they choose as we are not only limited to one game.

Eterna Gaming™ is not just a guild in a game. Its a family. We play together, watch anime and TV together. Movie nights with members. We host various beta key give-aways and events for founders packs and the sort in various games to give back to our community. We offer partnerships with various organizations to make your game time a more enjoyable experience.

We offer a solid gaming opportunity for any member that is interested.



Objective in Crowfall:

To have fun in the game, enjoy the many aspects that the game has to offer. We have a strong community, very tight-knit as is and we're looking for more members to join our ranks in order to strengthen our bond.

Together we can accomplish anything.

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