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Tinnis v -W- v Sugoi | US East Liberation


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The oppressed peasants of Europe US EAST cry out at the Banditry and Cruelty of their Caldera WINTERBLADES Overlords.
Answering the call of the poor noobs, crafters and harvesters of Europe US EAST, Winterblades TINNIS crusades to liberate the Euro US EAST server.

[/s from earlier thread]


Winterblades claimed the US EAST keep.....Sugoi rallied to take it back.......as did CALDERA's...one man army!

How to ninja the keep from full groups of clashing Winterblades and Sugoi as a basic weapon naked RANGER with more guts than arrows....


Fun fight to watch. I had the best view. Tinnis says time out.
No one can say I don't have courage.... and sacrifice ;p


Crowfall - Caldera - How to ninja the keep solo versus Winterblades and Sugoi...


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