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Big World, Big Fight - Sugoi vs Winterblades (w/ Tinnis guest appearance)


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While ACE is hard at work developing those POIs so we can kill each other over them, guilds try to find their own fun in Big World. This is a sequence of fights for control of the keep.


Shout out to all the guilds keeping Big World interesting in these early stages of testing. Good fights!


This is the entire fight (3 engagements):




And here are a couple different POVs of smaller sections from the same fights:


moneda/Group 2



duren/Group 1






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I fight for balance (MY POV)





Now if sugoi and winterblades want to make it more interesting I'd suggest:


Big numbers, no healers:

  • Punch only fight
  • Mass Duelist pistol only fight
  • Mass ranger bow only fight


I'm down for some boxing  man. It would be funny as hell at the least.


Myrm would dominate though. I've killed lots of geared noobs on a completely naked Myrm. They can use most of their powers naked for some reason.


@Rik: Good fights man. You guys caught us with our pants down on the first one and then just outplayed us on the second. TY for the fun. I love that Sugoi, -W- and CAL can do some of these themed faux sieges. It's essentially content for everyone involved and it's fun.


We will get yo' ass next time man.

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I'd be down if name plates weren't so hard to see most of the time

Agreed way to hard to tell whos who at all atm.

I don't want to kill more rats, fill another experience point bar or collect another meaningless badge. I want to play a GAME against PLAYERS, where my actions, my decisions and my SKILL will determine if I win or lose. Allies. Enemies. Alliances. Betrayal. risk. Conquest. To compete with THOUSANDS of other players for a chance to claim the THRONE. Even if i lose, the experience won't feel hollow. I don't want another worthless trophy.


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Worst...idea...ever... or maybe the best?  Imagine the random chance someone gets hit by like 15 arrows LOL.  Or should I say the random chance anyone hits anyone with the arrows xD.


we both know this would be:


5 minutes of everyone flailing around


followed by the nearest forest being murdered by two seperate huddles of rangers hacking trees down as a race while eyeing each other

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