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Anyone else having a real hard time?

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I'm OK with it, been checking out Albion Online during down time. 


What's your take so far?  Worth dropping a few bucks to get into beta?


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Once they get combat all figured out it will be worth getting in considering the test are only gonna get larger and have more features, but atm it really feels like everything is up in the air, so wait for that.


Tho if this is a game you feel you can really get behind and want to support then by all means get the best pledge you can afford. If your just looking to play a game thats pvp focused i would hold out till combat is resolved.

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I'm treating this like a test, and I've seen far too many people burn out on alphas/betas.


I've pretty much given as much feedback as I can, now I'm taking a break till a substantial patch or they add in things for us to fight over (like poi).

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