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[HoA] Hy'shen Avari - Group vs. Group and Light RP

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Sorry to see you guys go but totally understand your decision. Thanks for all the good fights had a lot of good times playing with you guys.

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Thank you to the Crowfall community for providing some of  the best pvp I've been looking for since Lineage 2. I truly hope that this game takes a turn in the right direction and can reinvigorate  our core members to play again. However, with the current state and as stated before, HoA comes first; we couldn't stand by and watch our guild drift apart.  

Thank you to Vanguard for being an amazing EU opponent and ally. You are in great hands with Yumx.

Thank you to Winterblades for providing an amazing level of competition that brought out the best and worst of us. You helped us improve everyday whether it be as an opponent or ally. Please keep the HoA clown car strat alive! (I know sober, you started it blah blah blah).

Thank you Juicebox, you will always be my Titan boo ;)

Thank you UDL for.... sike SCREW YOU UDL ... were coming for you in any game

See you guys hopefully sooner than later

Edited by MacSwain

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29 minutes ago, MacSwain said:

Please keep the HoA clown car strat alive! 


Never happened


In the beginning of WHoA we largely kept our two forces apart and just coordinated at the officer level towards the overall win, just not so much "together".  This was one of the first things we did together.  Our alliance definitely has been my favorite part of the game.  Alliances and political ramifications.  Love it.  Throne war is the greatness this game should be wholly focused on.


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Thank you for the fights and motivation to improve crowfall over the years, I hope you guys find the game that you looking for.

Otherwise crowfall is still waiting for you ;)


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