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[HoA] Hy'shen Avari - Group vs. Group and Light RP

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21 hours ago, Spaceship said:

I recognized your group instantly from Shadowbane, Vindication server.  Are you making a showing on tonight's playtest?  I'd like to play with you if so.



Absolutely, come by our discord and we'll show you the ropes!

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1 hour ago, ninerapture said:

I joined your discord last night. What server/faction are you guys on? I like what your post is all about and I'm interesting in playing with you. This is my first time playing.

We've been playing as chaos on the faction server. We usually stick to the western server as much as possible.

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On 11/24/2017 at 8:20 AM, Caldrus said:

Hey soulein,

we had some fights the other day and you wrote me a message ingame :-)

What timezone/server are you going to join with Avari come release of CF ?

We have players across the NA time zones and we plan to stick to the Dregs campaigns come launch.

Edited by soulein

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Not currently. I will need to upgrade machines in order to play, and that won't happen until bonus time at the earliest. We've been pushing hard at more charitable efforts, and to be frank, that work is far more important than me playing a couple nights a week over the next 90 days. :)

But I hadn't said hello in a bit, so figured it was an opportune time. Until I get the new rig, I'm going fully into Protonix mode. (I.E. - Talking smack in a friendly and coherent manner while never logging into anything but the forums!)

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