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[HoA] Hy'shen Avari - Group vs. Group and Light RP

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1 hour ago, dubanka said:

nice to run into you last night Soulein...and by running into you, i mean you running into me...with that shield :P

Gotta come play Chaos one of these rounds!

Shadowbane - House Avari/Hy'shen
"Gimp elves get good elves killed." - Belina

Avari Discord - https://discord.gg/Bch24PV

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Some of us were allied with or briefly members of this organization.

Hy'shen are quality people.

They are also cannibals. QUALITY cannibals though.

If for whatever reason you do not join my guild, I highly endorse joining Hy'shen.


Rub rock on face and say "Yes food is eaten now time for fight"

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I do remember Serving Court of Evermore back on Mourning server, My Elven name at the time was Korail Kain. Never bothered learning to speak Elven like the council but we had a lot of Wars and a lot of fun.

Edited by Sabercrow

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