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[NA] Sad Pandas Recruiting [PvP] [Discord] [Mature 18+] [Semi-Hardcore] [Leadership Opportunities]


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Hello fellow Crows!


<Sad Pandas> is currently recruiting members for Crowfall. A new and fresh guild that has its eyes set on total PvP warfare and pure fun! This will all continue to grow before release but below is a little information about the guild and what we are looking for to join our ranks. As the game grows and we get more information, than we will of course update/change our objectives in game! 



Who We Are:


We are that guild that strives to be the perfect balance between casual and hard-core. While we hope that most of our players have a hard-core mindset, we want this guild to be an escape from your real life, not another job! We strive to be the best and make our names known. We fight with honor and vengeance, but know that the glory of war comes at a price! We value our alliances and respect our foes, in and out of battle.


- A organized and mature Guild (No Drama, keep that in the real-world folks)

- PvP Mindset

- Hardcore mentality mixed with the right amount of fun (it is a game after all)


What We Do:


We are a PvP focused guild and that will be our main focus. We of course understand that every aspect of the game is important to making a guild successful, but PvP is our primary goal. We expect that our players participate with the guild during PvP events and challenges and not be out doing their own thing when war is happening.


- PvP focus with understanding of all aspects of game

- Requirement to participate in PvP events (Not set in stone until further game content release)

-Example: let’s say we have 3 nights where we all are focused on PvP, participation is required unless IRL circumstances conflict (work/family) and an officer/leader has been notified


What We Strive For:


We strive for the best and only the best. We fight together and as one. Every guild number counts in PvP warfare and we strive to be a team in those moments. We strive to be respectful of those that we defeat on our path to become number one. We will help our numbers grow and expand the ranks of new players. We will teach and help players grow so that we can conquer anyone that comes against us!


- A community that helps build each other up to continue to do better

- Our name known in the realms as a force to be reckoned with


What We Are Looking For:


We are looking for members who want to be a part of something fun and big. We are currently looking for all classes. We take war seriously, but want you to have fun as well. Follow the rules and commands during PvP and we will help you grow and be a part of something. We strive for the best and want you to as well.


-Discord is a must, is our main form of communication!

-Open recruitment (at the moment)


Comment or shoot me a message and I will get you set up on discord as well. Or hope in discord and shoot me a message! 



Website currently in development!


Think you are a good for the guild! Message any of the admins and we will be happy to chat with you and get you set up in the guild!


Also, looking for some people who enjoy the ranks of admins and leaders to help keep the guild up, running and growing! Also looking for someone who could put together a good website (paid).



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