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Yggdrasil is Recruiting!

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Hail, and welcome; brave crows.

We are currently seeking applicants.

Go to www.yggsclan.enjin.com to apply.

Introduce yourself in the forums


So, what is Yggdrasil all about, and why join our humble ranks?


Well here are a few benefits that we offer currently:


                            1.) Guild events to help those just starting out get acclimated to Big World v3.6 and beyond.

                            2.) Harvesting raids to create stronger equipment for guild members.

                            3.) A friendly environment, with advancement opportunities to become the first pioneers of our branch system.

                            4.) Guild mates can help protect each other when out in the big world, power in numbers!

                            5.) Dedicated Discord server with easy access to Crowfall help, and getting war bands together.

                            6.) Guild events for large scale raids once God's Reach is up.

                            7.) We don't require voice chat to join!

                            8.) Must be 17+ to join.


Join our ranks, save the multiverse, and become a legend

Go to www.yggsclan.enjin.com and introduce yourself in the forums to apply!


We are an Eastern server primarily, so expect to be on that server most of the time.


This is just the bottom of the roots for now, much more will be established once we acquire more members and grow in numbers. Not much can happen until then, Plans are currently being drawn up to further develop our branch system which will be explained on our Guild page.



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