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They talked about allowing you to progress after 50% - which I think they should do ASAP. This means you could train something to 50% in about one THIRD of the time as it takes to get it to 100%. Which means you could progress faster, and get more things to lower levels and feel like you have more choice in how to progress.

Overall, takes the same amount of time, just gives players more choices and also allows for faster "catch up" for newerplayers. I think its a MUST. Personally I would like an even more liberal system than this... One that allows you to train ANY subsequent skill in a tree, up to its pre-req skill.

So if you trained a "tier 1" skill to say 43. You could train the "tier 2" skill that is next in that tree, up to 43 but could not train it past 43 until you went back to the tier 1 skill and trained that up more.

So you would be able to technically level EVERYTHING on the tree to level 1, and go back and level everything to level 2, etc. But this allows for the absolute MOST flexibility in how to level and would give the appearance of ALOT of choice from day 1, and customization, etc. But I dont see them doing this. 

So my vote is allow us to train it all up to 50% to progress to then next one, if we come back to finish that skill cool, but this is the best system for many reasons IMO

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