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I am terrible at PvP!


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I seriously hope you guys didnt attack a player that was AFK and looted even his weapons, which none of you could use. I seriously hope so...


Ugh people loot even dust only throw it away later. I am starting to see why people are losing their socks on the forums.

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The videos I made for my guild to see game play in Crowfall. 


I think the full loot is just an instinct from the adrenaline dump. Years of watching those IDOCs fall in UO gave me PTSD ;-)


Thanks for showin love to OPP we are the same guild from UO Pacific www.opponline.net if you want some nostalgia feels. We are planning on playing here, thats why I'm here testing and scouting the game out. I was told by PC admin that my name is unacceptable. I let the guildies know, we are hesitant this game is going to be carebear after them telling me to change my name. Seriously....



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