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Spell Visuals & Particle Effects

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Regardless of where you take your game, please be careful with visual clutter. GW2 is an atrocity in the visual department once there's more than a couple people fighting. Even with settings turned all the way down, it is still a massive, flashy mess. It was such a let down to try and play GW2, coming from the original game, where everything was very clean and crisp in PvP. I'm sure there are other games that have done this, but GW2 is probably the biggest offender. If you do want to have big spooky effects on everything, please add a specific option to turn them off or reduce them heavily.


GW2 Example



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I agree. While you want some eye candy when playing solo or in smaller groups, it can quickly become overkill during massive warfare. The best way would be some /command to have reduced visual effects during such context.

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