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Unique world maps - Official discussion thread


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These are just great news. I am very excited to see the new maps. And ... if you do this now, i am wondering what will happen about christmas. Did we get an early present this year? xD


However, now that the old map has been retired, i can feel relieved - and at ease to show and share my personal landscape and parcel cartography with the community. If you like what you see and if you want to see a draft of your future EK in this way or want to take part in building a CW map for new maps before the system exists ingame, feel free to contact me.


And if you don't, just look at the last build, shown in these pictures, to compare them to the new build or to remind yourselves how big even these few parcels felt and what we can expect from EK's and CW's. I am absolutely looking forward to it.







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A great "next step" for sure. Soon the import/export coming, I can't wait.


One suggestion though. I love the names of each world, however I think it would be more thematically fitting if the EK was called The Free Lands of Azure.

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