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(NA) "Battlemaster Initiative"-A reborn RP group


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(RP/PvP: Ages 17+ Only)



How did we get our start?


Battlemaster was conceived about 3 years ago to bring together a small group of dedicated storytellers and roleplayers apart of the Ebon Hawk server on Star Wars the Old Republic. Throughout our tenure on The Old Republic, we strove to maintain a higher standard of role play conduct. 


The Current Battlemaster...


With the release of the Fallen Empire expansion, the SWTOR community across nearly all active servers has taken a nosedive, ours included. With just myself (Lorics/Ventu) remaining among our once vibrant leadership, it's time to head in a new direction. 


The New Battlemaster Vision...


It's time for the Battlemaster community to branch out and join a wider variety of games. The first step is immersing the Battlemaster name within the Crowfall community, a game I personally have high hopes for. The "Battlemaster Intiative" of Crowfall will be built on the basis of a lore-friendly and dynamic role playing model with a heavy lean toward PvP activities.


Replacing the Leadership...


With the departure of my leadership and the short closure of our community site, the first order of business will be to replace those who once held a leadership role within our community. I only request a few simple things from those interested in becoming leadership for this project; 


1) You must be 17 years old or older. This will apply to all who wish to join the guild in the future as well.


2) Have an interest and some form of experience in a role playing community. (Tabletop, Forum RP, MMORPGS. etc.)


3) Leave highschool drama at the door, I do not have the patience or the time to deal with it.


4) Be a team player. I shouldn't have to say it, but I will. A guild is a team, as such, if the leadership of this team can't come together and agree on anything then it's going to be a very short ride. 


Leadership Roles Available...


  1. Leader: Myself (Lorics)
  2. Co-Leader: OPEN (ONE needed)
  3. Branch Leaders: OPEN (THREE needed)

This leadership model is something of a work in progress, a prototype if you will. Currently, the leader is the ultimate authority and has the final say in guild decisions. The Co-Leader works as the main adviser to the leader and will fill in for the leader should he/she be away for a lengthy period of time. Branch Leaders are the direct administrators of the three unique branches and act as a direct connection between branch members and the Co-Leader/Leader of the guild. 


Battlemaster PvP...


By no means do we require any members of our guild to PvP or RP, both elements of the game will be incorporated into the guild model. PvP events, groups, and dedicated PvP nights will be given attention just as much as role playing elements within Battlemaster. We will even be able to implement PvP mechanics into certain forms of our RP as well!


Want to join?


Ready to join? Maybe you just need more information? 


For more information or to formally join Battlemaster ranks....


  • Leave a reply down below and i'll do my best to get back to you ASAP.
  • Send me private message here. I'll be sure to come around daily to check up on my account. 
  • Check out our website: http://battlemastergaming.enjin.com/home (Currently undergoing a remodel, contact me for the site password.)
  • Contact me through Discord: Ventu(#8501)
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