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Yo yo!


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After some very annoying issues with chrome (and subsequently switching to firefox) finally got my 45$ backer pledge thingy. Game seems amazing and I love what they are going for. Don't let me down!!!!


So ye, hello I guess.


Edit: So can I download the game yet orrr? Been trying to find the part of the website that says what's what in that regard.

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Hey zaccyp, 

Welcome to the community :)!

The game still has a long way to go so it's definitely going to get better.

For further question about download check the Crowfall community -> Community Questions & Answers then proceed to check the Pinned Thread by Pann.

As far as I know, we're currently in Beta.


Check out this link which sends you to a thread. Another member, Arkade answered it.



Hope I see you in game!

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