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Eternal Kingdoms new from That_Eriksson


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Hello All,

Posted my newest video that won my poll on Twitter @That_Eriksson I am proud of my horrible shoop of J Todd Coleman as Uncle Sam.  I am also pushing for my 100 sub goal so if you have not subbed yet please do I will probably give away something of value related to Crowfall probably.  So I could really use your help and feedback at 100 subs I get my own custom link.  Please keep feedback clean and actually constructive though.  Thanks to all who have supported me thus far it has been going great.  Thanks guys!



Edited by that_eriksson

@that_eriksson for IG and Twitter http://youtube.com/c/ThatEriksson


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I liked the editing (especially the different phases of Cell for the parcel pictures) but the video is 8 minutes long and is video that already exists and you explaining what the devs have already explained.  If you want to get people's interest, you gotta come at that material from a direction people might not have considered or at least convey that information in a denser, more interesting way.

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Nice video. Two things i would like to mention.


The whole 5x5 thing is obsolete. It has been used in early development to give the general picture, but has been changed during development. It's still in the FAQ though, but it's outdated. The basic unit is (still) a lot with 8x8 meters. No superlot. A cell is 256x256 meters or 32 lots (old: 200x200m, 25 lots). No supercell. A kingdom is 20x20 cells (old: 25x25). It doesn't make a lot of difference in regard of scope though (side length 5.12 km (new) vs. 5.0 km (old)).


Also changed during development: strongholds and stronghold parcels are two different things, they are no unit. Usually no problem. But a large castle is associated with a capitol parcel (cells), while the small and medium castle are associated with town parcels (6 cells). So if you say small/medium/large use the same parcel, it doesn't meet the facts.

Edited by Kraahk
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