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Caldera - Friendly fire fights [druids, confessors, champs] vs [legios, duelists, rangers]


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Crowfall - Caldera - Faction vs Faction

Testing out some friendly fire discpline!
Groups of 3+3 vs 3+3


Druids, confessors, champs




Legios, duelists, rangers

very buggy patch both in terms of powers, visuals and performance
and had a number of local recording issues not all clips complete, some lacked sound and i lost entire matches :(
and no more guild tags to make proper factions with!



p.s. whenever i used natures avatar on Caenth's confessor i said: *you're powered up! get in there!*


Couldn't help it :)



PoV of my group's champion (Xeno)





PoV of the other group's confessor (Hammarr) - playing with no UI for extra guts / cinematic effect....


video 1


video 2



Also some of his view when we crashed US EAST server fighting versus ourselves and sugoi and whoever else was around



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