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Corvus Sanctus


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What is Corvus Sanctus about?

Corvus Sanctus is a very organised guild, that has been founded in December 2016. We are international, being EU based, but also building up an NA section with our rising number of NA players. As we grow fast and steadily, we get closer to reaching our goals step by step.
Crowfall is still in pre-alpha and therefore our goals will probably change or be adjusted, while new goals will come once we reached the existing. Our current main strategiesare to build up and maintain a flourishing community in our guild that uses the time before launch to get organised and work as a team. As soon as the games progress allows us to do so, we want to focus on rapidly building up a guild headquarters that will be used as a massive marketplace. We want to have big economic success in the game from the very start in order to help us build up the other departments of our guild and nourish them. Many steps to achieve these goals have already been taken. Organisation wise our guild already has a detailed prototype of the future command structure implemented. Further Corvus Sanctus has a very clear structured guild codex, that does not only ensure that our members behave in an acceptable way towards other members and players outside our guild, but also ensures that leadership decisions are transparent to all members and minimise despotism as much as possible and suitable for a game such as Crowfall.

Those strategies and goals serve the purpose of making our vision of a guild become reality. We want to be a guild that is suitable for all kind of playstyles. A guild in which crafters have the possibility to bring their skills to perfection. A guild in which explorers get to go on missions accompanied by strong warriors for their protection. A guild where masters of PvP have varied possibilities to fight in great battles, small missions, arena events and many more while having access to the best equipment possible. A guild in which merchants can trade to their hearts content and have access to lively markets. A guild where politically interested players can take responsibility and initiative. A guild for role-players that can dive into the various RP-facets of the guild or take initiative to build up roleplaying events.  





What we can give you:

Corvus Sanctus has plenty to give to its members. You can play Crowfall according to your very own playstyle, while playing together with members from other playstyles and gaining from them. You can take initiative and take one of the many diverse leading roles and take responsibility. You can help us chase this great vision of a guild in a stage, where the game is still in pre-alpha/alpha. 

PvP players will have a guild supporting them with equipment and diverse opportunities to fight and earn glory. If that’s what you are looking for, you can become a Masterand share your expertise with other members. Or you can lead your own squad and go on missions or design missions yourself. You can also help strategizing in upcoming wars.

Explorers will find a guild that gathers useful information that helps them on their expeditions and missions. They find themselves in a guild that can protect them and help them build the basis for many other departments.

Crafters will have a guild with flourishing markets to get their products sold and explorers backing them up with their needs to help them make the best products around. They will have many other experienced crafters in their guild to profit from their expertise or combine their skills to make even better products. Or they can become theory crafters that fuel the other crafters with intelligence.

Merchants will profit from the guilds access to big markets and pricing information the guild gathers and keeps track of to increase their profit. Or they want to be observers of the market that travel around and gather as much information as they can get.

Politicians have a variety of offices they can occupy to lead the guild, roleplay, organise events or go into diplomacy with other guilds and represent the guild Corvus Sanctus. There will be broad possibilities to take your initiative and build up your own aspects of the guild.

Role-players will find an active guild that has many implemented RP features and will organise RP events as well as make it possible for role-players to enhance the guild with their very own RP concepts and take the initiative to organise events.

Currently we offer a richly designed and lively discord server as our main communication channel.
Discord channel: Corvus Sanctus Discord
Once you join our discord-channel, you will find yourself in the hall_of_recruitment which is our Troll filter. So please leave a message in there, stating if you desire to become a member, an ambassador of another guild, or simply want to say hi and get to know our community. An official of our guild will then come and add you to the guild rooms very soon. Thank you, we are looking forward to meeting you!
Further we offer a guild website that already includes features such as our codex or detailed descriptions of our guilds structure and will be enhanced with many more features in the future.


What we expect from you:

Corvus Sanctus wants to be a reasonable guild with a mature and clean image. This doesn’t mean you shall be silenced or restricted in your playstyle, but we do expect you to have a good behaviour towards all players. Further we expect all our members, no matter their rank, to follow our guilds codex (https://corvussanctus.com/p/codex).
As English is our main language, the ability to communicate in English certainly is necessary for all our members.
 RL is always the most important for our members. Even so we do expect all our members to contribute to the guild life and community, by using our communication channels.  








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Now we have an updated recruitment post that will have more expansions very soon and we finally have a guildcrest ;D

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After our video has been forgotten in the first guild video show in the livestream and then has been completely messed up by the ACE team when showing the videos for the second time, we will post our video here. There are still quite some flaws in it, but thats just because we made the video within 24h, please bear that in mind, thanks^^.




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-Edited to remove no longer relevant content-

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Let me sing you a song / Of a world that just vanished / Of a story that ended to soon
Let me bring you a cup / Make a toast to the living / And a toast to the legends we share

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