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Races, Better Be Some Surreal Magical Fantasy In This Game.


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Hey Crowfall,


I hate humans in all MMO's.


Why play a human in a fantasy game ?


When you can be a tiny little enchanted armoured mushroom humanoid, one meter tall, 40kg.


From the magical swamp forest Hell'a in the far north, who's noble and intelligent race came to be after a horrible demonic necro zombie ritual, using sour milk, with fresh yeast and some demonic forest seeds, went really really bad in the now haunted enchanted forrest, thus the noble and intelligent mushroom druids of Hell'a where born, they are a force of nature but only the size of a bar stool. 


The Magical Mushroom people seek only peace but are under constant war with the evil human vegans, who must be pushed out of the swamp forest they stop at nothing to boil us down into a delicious sour milk fungus smoothie. 




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