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Blood and Gore

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I'm kinda surprised there is no blood in this game if you attack other players. From the Archetypes stories and some of the Artwork, there's quite a bit of blood and gore in them, so why not in-game?


It would be cool if you could chop an enemy's head of or limb, after all this game takes huge inspiration from Game of Thrones.

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and how do you want to implement the "chopping heads off" part? im no expert in programming/coding but i guess you´d have to have a total different base of code for that


on another note its multi player, not single player


you cant have everyone deciding if they want to chop of a head or an arm today when theres a "big battel" going on


plus this game is kinda skillshot based afaik, another thing that would hinder the "chopping" off part




i dunno if they have thought about blood particles on taking damage, but seeing the "slower" pace of the current fighting (theres not really a "oneshot" going around if im not mistaken) would make the "blood" effects not feel that good/real whatever you want to call it

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The lore don't think it really fits the in game theme. Personally think such things like that are silly and don't really serve much purpose. Besides we've got necromancy as a crafting profession so that should satisfy that niche.

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