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Yo, anyone remember me?

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I joined the day this forum came out (Pretty sure I'm like, the 31st member to join) and was pretty active for a while, until I got busy and stopped coming here.


I haven't played the game yet, even though I've had access (My computer doesn't have enough memory, RIP) so I still have no idea what the game is like.


I still get emails about new stuff, I don't read them, but I haven't forgotten about it yet (Hence why I'm here)


Just dropping in to say I'll be playing when it comes out, I don't know if I'll be active on these forums because I forgot everything I knew about Crowfall, but hey, I'm not letting my $50 go to waste.



Bonus: The person who convinces me to start being active here and relearning everything gets a giant cookie.



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Crowfall is a very attractive game for me. It combines a good combat and deep system of economy. There are thousands worlds to explore each with different rules. Export / import makes a game strategy and you can really prepare for a battle in the campaign world. But you can use a campaign to prepare your economy too, which turns the game into a hybrid of multiple genres.


Unlike Asian MMORPGs, there is no player versus environment. Everything is player-driven. And every hero has skills for something. There's no useless skilltree that will bring you 40 skills and you don't know which one is actually a usefull one.


These things are the most valuable for me. It has so many possibilities and you can enjoy all of them without rushing a level up, because there's none.

Mercenary guild is recruiting. Send me a message if you are interested.

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