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Video - Ranger - Putting the "range" back into ranger!


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Putting the "range" back into ranger!


This patch is the first time my tier 6 "Lasting arrow" training has worked - increasing the lifetime of my arrow projectiles.
This has increased the range of my left click power shots, rapid fire and riochet shot from base of 40 meters to a current 59 meters while yet to fully train the node.
Having this increased range made the ranger feel like a completely different class.
I may put out a lot of bugs and feedback that seem negative about the ranger's bow (and those are still outstanding issues) but when it does work it feels very satisfying.
No particularly skillful fights, just casual roaming to demonstrate.
Apologies if my recording is less than perfect...shadowplay is having issues and stutters every now and then...need to tweak it.


p.s. only using basic daggers this patch

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I feel ranger can output a good deal of damage if those arrows hit. It's just a case of confessor overshadowing her right now, because fessor has equally high damage, but it's much easier to land and requires less setup. Plus dash + jump super mobility bug (at least I hope it's a bug). 



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