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Is Beta 1 actually in this weekend?

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I saw an announcement that I had thought was official from Crowfall that they had invited all of the Beta 1 group into this weekend's playtest.


Well, I'm in the Beta 1 group and have gotten no such offer.


Was I misinformed?


EDIT: It appears that after doing quite a bit more digging than I feel like I should have had to (a.k.a. I actually just typed crowfall.com/client to see if it worked and it did.) I found my way to the client download. I cannot find a single link to actually accessing the client outside of the Playtest Support section, and you can only get to that through the FAQ and multiple indexes. I received no e-mail about playtesting opening up for my group. What gives? Did I miss something? All in all I'm a little disappointed at how sloppy this is being handled, just as an indicator of potential future issues.

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You are right. To check if you are entitled and how to download the test client, see instructions in this thread.


If you are not entitled or can't start the game, contact support@artcraftent.com to get your access manually.

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I looked up your account and it appears that you should be receiving both weekly newsletters as well as tester notification emails that we send out. If you're not getting them, please contact support@crowfall.com so we can help. 

Valerie "Pann" Massey, Director of Community

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