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Item color/tier could use some work


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This feedback is based on the 20161218 Big World


TLDR – I’d like to see item color and experimentation be based on the stats of components not the color of components.


I’m not much of a crafter but I had some extra time on my hands today and felt like crafting some weapons in order to get a better feel for the process.


First step gathering – Using 7 each of the four primary harvesting potions I completely harvested 24 copper mine areas and 6 oak trees.  This was done in three complete circuits of 7 copper areas and two oak trees.  (Approximately 1 hour of gathering)


Second step crafting – In between each circuit I would use the 3 crafting pots to make rapier and pistol components.  After the first circuit I stopped using the pots to make grey and white bars because it was eating up all the pot time.  After circuit one I had a grey rapier and pistol.  Circuit two got me a white rapier and pistol.  Circuit three should have given me a green rapier (This is where the salt gets added to the recipe).  (Approximately 1.5 hours of crafting)


What I liked about the process:

  • Recipes are the same only the materials change
  • At this point I think I can quote the recipes without looking them up
    • Rapier – thin blade + hilt or 4 metal bars + 1 wood plank or 36 ore + 3 wood
    • Pistol – Pistol barrel + Pistol stock or 4 metal bars + 1 wood plank or 36 ore + 3 wood
  • Experimentation is the primary method in which items improve
  • Each component appears to add its stat for the final product (little bit of trouble with the math during experimentation)

Why I wrote this post:

  • The color of a product appears to be based on the components
    • 1 white 2 grey components = 33% change of a white item
    • 1 green and 1 grey component = 50% change of a grey item
  • The rest of these are sub grips
    • Ratio of green to white or grey was too low.  I’ve ended up with more than enough mats to make 4 grey/white rapiers and 4 grey/white pistols but could only make 1 green rapier
    • Friends are confused about how resource and parcel tier tie together
      • Before experimentation all copper ore started with .04 critical hit chance the color only impacted the amount you could experiment
      • Some friends argued that parcel quality would change that .04 number (i.e. Parcel level 1 = .04 while parcel level 10 might = .4 CHC)
      • Other friends said the parcel quality only impacted what color/quantity of ore would drop (i.e. parcel level 1 = 50% grey, 40% white, and 10% green while parcel level 10 might = 10% blue, 10% purple and 80% orange)
    • That regardless of ore quality all copper metal bars started at .04 CHC
    • What mathematically should have only been 2.5 hours of work felt a hell of a lot longer

Quick recap of the process.  Some of this may be inaccurate because it’s my perception and memory.

  1. Making a rapier (I used copper and oak)
    1. Craft 4 metal bars by combining 3 stacks of 3 ore
      1. 9 green ore equals .04 CHC + 8 total experimentation
      2. 9 white ore equals .04 CHC + 6 total experimentation
      3. 9 grey ore equals .04 CHC + 4 total experimentation
      4. Experimentation points are split evenly between sheen (which increase the stat on the ore) and durability (for copper the base was 50 so you might see copper with a durability of 55/50 after experimentation)
    2. Craft 1 plank from 3 lumber
      1. 3 grey lumber equals ? + 4 total experimentation (The plank doesn’t display a stat)
      2. 3 white lumber equals ? + 6 total experimentation
      3. Again points are split between sheen and durability (in previous patches I though Oak gave CHC this time I think it was giving attack power)
    3. Use one metal for crossguard and one for a pommel
      1. Grey ore equals + 6 total experimentation
      2. White ore equals + 9 total experimentation (first time that you won’t have enough points for all the available slots
      3. Green ore equals + 12 total experimentation
      4. Experimentation points are split evenly between sheen, durability, and efficiency (I guess efficiency makes using the weapon easier but not sure how)
    4. Use one plank to craft a weapon grip which follows the same info from item c but replaces efficiency with grade (I’ll re watch the crafting video to see if grade is talked about there)
    5. Combine the crossguard, pommel and weapon grip into a weapon hilt
      1. The hilt only has sheen and durability so grey is 4, white 6, green 8 experimentation points
    6. Combine two metal bars into a blade
      1. The blade has sheen min damage and max damage
    7. Combine the blade and hilt to make the sword which gets experimentation for sheen, min/max damage, and durability
  2. The process for a pistol is similar but replace the worlds that have to do with swords with words about guns.
    1. Tigger = crossguard
    2. Barrel = blade
    3. Flint lock = pommel
    4. Stock = hilt
  3. I wish someone would film the process because documenting it with spreadsheets was a pain due to the potion timers so I didn’t do much other than capture a few data points that didn’t need potions
    1. The white/grey rate when combing 3 white ore and 6 grey ore for the 17 bars my inventory caught was 10 grey and 7 white (I’m guessing it gets close to 1/3 white with enough data)
    2. I made three weapon blades by using one white copper bar and one grey
      1. .043 white bar + .043 grey bar
        1. .086 grey blade
        2. 10.1% sheen gave .093 while my math says it should be .094686
      2. .042 white bar + .043 grey bar
        1. .085 grey blade
        2. 16.1% sheen gave .096 while my math says it should be .098685
      3. .042 white bar + .043 grey bar
        1. .085 grey blade
        2. 6.1% sheen gave .089 while my math says it should be .090185

​​​​The results of all of this where the following:


Upgrade from basic to grey rapier http://imgur.com/wzz8kUC

White rapier http://imgur.com/FbTkrYh

http://imgur.com/C1sDHu6 should have been a green rapier - it was made from 4 green copper metal bars and 3 grey oak lumber which created a grey hilt when added to a green pommel and crossguard.  The grey hilt caused the weapon to be grey when combined with a green blade.


Potential Solution:


Have the combined stats of components determine the color of the result for experimentation.  Look at copper ore for example the base stat is .04 CHC.  (Assumption time) I’m going to say that on average 1 pip = .001 CHC with a max roll of .0025 per pip.  This would mean that two perfect pips of grey ore could give you a CHC of .045 while legendry would reach .0575.  The range of CHC would be .04 - .0575 so for each increment of .003 of CHC the bar should be upgraded in color

  • .04 - .043 = grey
  • .043-.046 = white
  • .046-.049 = green
  • .049-.052= blue
  • .052-.055= purple

  • .055-.058= orange

This would also allow for bars to start with different base stats before experimentation from different ore tiers.

  • All grey     = .040 metal bar
  • All white    = .041 metal bar
  • All green   = .042 metal bar
  • All blue     = .043 metal bar
  • All purple  = .044 metal bar
  • All orange =.045 metal bar

With this process it would be possible for all grey ore to start at .04 CHC get an amazing success in experimentation and produce a white copper metal bar with .045 CHC. It gets much more complicated when bars combine into items and how to determine the collective level of the item but I'll need more time to illustrate that.


Edit: Needed to add a summary.  Experimentation RNG Good! Item color RNG BAD!

Edited by Degan
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