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Question about the Investment pack

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Hello there :)


As you can see I am a Kickstarter supporter


If I were to buy a investor pledge what happens to my kickstarter bonuses?


Do I get two accounts or do the two merge?

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Both are independent from each other.


I guess you will be asked which account your perks shall be sent to, once the investment period is over mid january.


If you would like to have an answer from the devs, you will need to ask your question on the microventures site, since ACE is not allowed to answer those questions anywhere else.

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When you invest on Microventures, your investment account is tied to the email you enter on that site.


If it is the same email as your current Crowfall account, all the perks, privileges, badges can be added into to your existing CF account (some perks won't be distributed until the close date of the offering). So you will have KS perks + investment perks on one account.


If you use different email addresses, you can contact ACE at  support@crowfall.com  to set it up as you prefer.


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