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Chat bubbles and no Global chat

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I think global chat is fine, as long as it isn't filled with trade and selling requests when the actual game releases.


 I say no to chat bubbles as I have never been a fan.


I would like to see a unified chat box. Where all the chat from the filters you select are shown in different colors so you don't have to play the tab game. With a command like /g ( guild)  /p (party)  /s (server) to talk to that color for casual players who like to chitchat while harvesting or miscellaneous.


I do agree a simple area VOIP system when near other players would be a good addition to make friends, taunt, or scare people.  

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I agree with a form of global chat in the EKs but not for CWs.


Trade Chat: As much as I enjoy linking epic items, I also feel that we should discourage some form of trade chat. I would prefer more of a bulletin board where crafters can list their goods (think like a searchable auction house without a buy/deliver function) and give the player a waypoint to their shop to acquire said item from their vendor-thrall.


Yes, organized guilds will simply meta-around it in CWs with Discord/TS3/Mumble, but we've known for a long, long time that organization is always OP and cannot be nerfed.


Chat Bubbles: Seems I'm one of the those that like chat bubbles. I feel that when roleplaying it is easier to focus on those actually in my vicinity. Chatbox range was always kind of iffy in games like Guild Wars 2 where you could be seeing chat from someone several buildings over.


That said, the "easy" solution is to make chat bubbles a toggle for on/off.


I'd rather not have integrated VOIP, because the trolling just gets old.

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I do agree a simple area VOIP system when near other players would be a good addition to make friends, taunt, or scare people.


Without an ingame proximity voice, I can foresee a problem with enemy eavesdroppers listening to the other sides discords channel. Then spreading any information to their own team/guilds discord channel about where the enemy team is focusing their efforts. In other words, where the enemy plans to take over an area of a campaign map.


...so for this reason alone I would like to see ingame proximity voice. A proximity voice for the main keep and a proximity voice for parties out in the wilderness/battlefield. The chat system is also set up the same way of being proximity only with the exception of "tells" and party chat. (Global chat allowed too for random socializing of all crowfall players)


But in the campaign server, maybe have scouts/trackers be the only ones to seek out friendly team parties within the campaign map. A messenger crow so to speak, who brings map "snapshots" of party positioning to other parties throughout the campaign timeframe. (And maybe be able to share updated party leader names, for them to communicate via "tells", as different leaders log off for the night.

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Same as many other a big NO to Global chat.


Aside from the reasons allready listed here is an importand one: Gold sellers. Or in Crowfalls case Dust / ressource sellers.


I have yet to see any kind of MMO where the Global chat isnt full of Goldseller spam. Even if you block them all. It doesnt even take 30 mins to have the chat spaming again.

I played games without Global chat and they worked just fine.

At least no Global chat in the campains and give EK owners the option the deactivate the Global chat.


It also makes trolling mutch more easy.

Example: per chance i stumble upon your guild sneaking in the woods towards the direction of a POI controlled by another guild. Now i simply use the global chat to annouce your position, numbers and direction. Without even contacting them i made all your enemys aware of your current status.

No sozial interaction needed here.



Now to chat bubbles.


Some say it would look strange to see a chatt bubble apear over my head when i type something.

But in terms of sozializing it is of great help.

If a chat bubble apear over another players avatar it makes the entire message more personal and i can directly like the message to the avatar without checking all the names around me to see who wrote that.


That means im for Chatbubbles or at least a text over my head.

Just make it optional via the options menu and everyone should be fine.


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My personal view


1. No to global chat, not even in EK. That way you can't just mass spam guild recruitment messages, you want to recruit someone, go to a popular EK and recruit in that specific EK.


2. EK wide chat I'm fine with


3. Campaign wide chat I would vote no


4. Guild chat across campaigns and EK is interesting. I would vote yes simply because guilds can and will have their own communications channels outside of the game anyway. May as well make it convenient by having it in-game.


5. Built in voice support would be nice but I think that should be very very low on the priorities list. There are many free solutions out there that lots of people already use. It would be nice to have but shouldn't be prioritised higher than anything else.


Chat Bubbles:


1. I think should be an option client side.


None of these are deal breakers for me however, so whichever way ACE goes, I would likely still be fine with it.

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