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Will Alpha and Beta progress carry over to the full release?


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Welcome to the forums.


Like usual, there will probably be several wipes during the development process. Though ACE stated that they will avoid them if they are not absolutely necessary, there will definitely be a (last) wipe before softlaunch in mid/end 2017.

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I should think there will be server wipes before beta phase. 


From a code point of view it takes an effort to maintain compatibility between patches and they may want to introduce new systems that make keeping players items and progress difficult to maintain.


The best way to think about it is to try different things, experiment with different skills, recipes etc so when the game gets released you have a more thorough understanding of the game to help you make the best choices.


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They talked about this on a Q&A.


The issue was right now is that before training requirements, people jumped strait into deep training on chains that were not locked with qualifiers, but now are.


So those people have skills they shouldn't have been able to get.


It's not bad enough however to justify a wipe, but they did say if something else happened wipes would be coming.


They have also clearly stated that there will be a wipe at before soft launch.  





KrakkenSmacken, on 01 Dec 2016 - 8:01 PM, said:snapback.png

I could not help but notice.


"Our first version of the Eternal Kingdom will be a common world where players can log in, drop a few test buildings and then use those buildings for advanced crafting. Resource harvesting in this world will be extremely limited (i.e. sub-poor quality items), which means that if you want to start building your economic empire, you’ll need to either brave the campaign worlds or find allies to trade with."


That sort of implies that even as far back as we are now, it may be that no character/item wipes are in our future.


Wipes, like winter, are coming.  We will wipe as needed for development purposes, and will have a final wipe before soft launch.

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That's normal that they wipe account at soft launch. It allows us to test every skills without the fear of keeping them forever or to be specialized in nothing

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