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Greetings from BenWP


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Mugs er dresses up, ya ladies!  Les' give 'er three cheers 'fer ole' Ben da wolf!


( Nice to see you Ben!  If you take a look at the guild section you'll likely see an overwhelming amount of nostalgia.  Seems after all these years we're still finding ways to come home. )


Former Shadowbane Thief Advocate,

Current Crowfall Thief Advocate  ;)

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I am doubting that is really Ben, but I will play along lol .... Is DaveWP still around, was a super cool dude and talked to him on a regular basis back in the SB days. As I grown older, had kids kind of lost contact with some of my really old friends and contacts from the older games. 

Hoping he is on the QA team for this game! :)


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I brought my nations shield out of retirement with all these old Shadowbane players on the forums. 


The things that could be done with todays technology and a game like Shadowbane excite me.



A big shout out to any old players from the Deception or Vengeance servers!

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