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Greetings from BenWP

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I brought my nations shield out of retirement with all these old Shadowbane players on the forums. 


The things that could be done with todays technology and a game like Shadowbane excite me.



A big shout out to any old players from the Deception or Vengeance servers!

Evil Bastages says "Hi!", Galahad.  RealAmerican and Oakbow especially send their best wishes and are glad to see you recovered from your breakdown.

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I'm one of the unrecognizable SBers that played since Day 1 until D-day, but rarely posted on the boards because I couldn't care less about Forumbane.  But, HAI just the same.

"Food for the crows..."    Nobuo Xa'el


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As I live and breathe, the doctor is in! <3


you were expecting the spanish inquisition?


heyas brother man....what color are yer Panties?






let the Code build the World and it's Laws....let the Players build the rest...

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