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Greetings from BenWP

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How many of the old SB players are here so far? The game sounds great, I'm eager to play!

Oh wow, it feels like old school week! Let's see if I can find any of my old sigs on my PC when I get home, heh.

Hah, well hello there to you too, Cools. :)


that does it....


now how the heck am i gonna be able to clean all this sticky goo offa mah monitaur?


just sayin'...




let the Code build the World and it's Laws....let the Players build the rest...

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well you know the saying...


if the shoe fits...


you do know you just opened yourself up to a whole new generation of using that Pun, don'tcha?






Better than aNgelmar.  Who wants to be THAT guy!?


"Agelmar is King of the Hypocrites and Ruler of the Kingdom of Hypocrytia"

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