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Kraahk's Crowfall Maps


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News:  3.9 Maps, including some resource and POI informatins: see here.





If you look at these maps, be aware of the facts that

  • if you test crowfall for the first time, you should not look at these maps yet (play the tests without any map first or you will loose a valuable and potentially important experience)
  • all maps are subject to changes (parcels can change, resource nodes can change ... AND the coordinate grid can change, even if otherwise the map keeps the same and at any time - so don't believe these maps blindly, test them first)
  • these maps are BW 3.8 maps (there will definitely be some changes on east (+50% cells), and i will replace the 3.8 maps as soon as i nailed down the new environment)
  • i rebuilt these parcels roughly, based on my own researches (they are not perfect and may not show 100% of the real details, but they should be pretty close or at least good enough to give the general idea)
  • these maps are still experimental (feel free to share your feedback and suggestions how to improve them)
  • it's christmas time (so have yourself some merry little holidays, relax and take it easy).

You may use the pictures without editing them for any purposes. So feel free to share them with other crows. If you have something else in mind, contact me.


Have fun, good luck

(click on the pictures to enlarge them)




Some unnecessary words:




Hey all!
Since the first days of BigWorld i started to map the worlds. While at this state it hasn't been an easy task to identify and map the parcels and their geographic details out of nothing, i am more or less satisfied with the results now. At least enough to share some of the pictures with the community, though i am still experimenting.
I always didn't like the fact, that - in comparison to guild players - single players mostly have tremendous disadvantages. Though it is a good thing to motivate players to group up, i believe that the positive way (to share) should be chosen over the negative way (to exclude) - as far as possible.
During the last weeks some guilds and player groups did, naturally, work on maps for their own people - and did pretty well. And while it is possible to build not-to-bad maps as a single person (like i did), it will take a lot of time and effort and maybe some skills to do so. Time that could be used in ways much more helpful for the game development.
Most of my former maps i didn't share with a wider audience. Mostly because i think that the no-map experience is imporant for every future crow and i didn't want to spoil it. On the other hand, the 3.8 maps have been revealed in an at least basic form from ACE themself. And - after two tests, all the bigger player groups should already have their maps. So why not sharing them with all the other crows?

Oh, and if you want to have you future dream-kingdom displayed in 2D or 3D or if you want to participate in getting the new maps together, feel free to contact me. You're always welcome (though i might not always have the time to answer most comprehensive - sorry for that).






edit 2016-12-24: added link to 3.9 maps. some structural changes.

Edited by Kraahk
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I don't want to be the negative nancy and I do appreciate the work you put into these, but for actual use as a map for navigation they are way too busy on the eyes. There is a reason why Google Maps looks like it does.


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I don't want to be the negative nancy


You aren't. But who the heck is nancy? You are not talking about the Reagan wife, do you? ;)


Anyway, thanks for your feedback. It is much appreciated.


Building a topographical map would be a completely different approach, though. My first impulse was to create a map (or better: parcels) that would allow me to actually see how campaign worlds and EK's would look like in 3D. These maps are just one of the results. The 2D maps are the bird's-eye-view of 3D environments, like the one displayed under the mourning map. I will probably keep the general style, because i choose the possibility of more or less realistic looking 3D views from different angles over the clearer view on a plan view. But i am open and i'll bear your feedback in mind for further experimentation.


This said: What would make your eyes less busy?

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Thanks for the beautiful Christmas present, Kraahk!

I like what you said about the positive way should be chosen over the negative way, too.

Peace and Joy, especially today


"and a couple of the Kickstarter packages were just crazy good"


Note: Eye candy presented with thanks to the Crow(s) who granted permission for me to include their badge(s) in this tasty exhibit.

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No, unfortunately it's made by sweat. But i take this as a compliment. So thanks.


I did it oldschool. I identified the parcels in game, took the rough measures through the coordinate system (though it would be possible through running time and character heights, too), rebuilt them roughly in a 3D environment, stitched them together, made a picture, made some icons an placed them where they belong, done.


Thats how such a rebuilt parcel looks like:



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