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Ember Legion: 18+ semi-hardcore


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Ember Legion: 18+ semi-hardcore gaming community
Community TS: ts3.emberlegion.com please ask for officer when you hope on
Community site: www.emberlegion.com

Ember Legion is looking for members to join us not only in Crowfall but in this Journey we call life. Our community is looking forward to Crowfall and has been for some time now. The game has been in development for far to long if you were to ask some of our members and they are looking forward to it coming out in 2017(we hope). We are a group of friends first and gamers second. We strive to be the best but can accept when we are not. When we fall short of our goals we come together, becoming stronger and working to reach those goals. Our friendships at Ember Legion are what make us better. We are looking for new members that are passionate about gaming and our looking to make long term friendships. We would like to have members that will help us meet our goals in this and every game they play with us. We are looking for those that have come past the time were they need someone ells to tell them they are good cause they know they are. We are looking for new friends above all ells. I know that it still may be some time before this game is in Open Beta and the fun really begins, until then we will continue to have fun in the game we already cover. If you are looking for something to do until Crowfall is live come see what we are up to at


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