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Competetive Pvp Player Seeking Guild


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Hello future guilds of CrowFall. 


About myself, I guess i can say that i got some experience with pvp in games. 

I have been a part of some great guilds and some bad guilds. The difference in the good and the bad to me has been activity and knowing everyone there. Some of the guilds i  was in recruited to fast and lost track of who we were. others didnt recruit enough and became unseen in the server we played.


one of the best times i have had was with "Banished" from Guild Wars 2, we all went to a server that was low on the pvp leaderboard and we took action to bring it up as the months passed. We had some great ideas about a ranking system with a battle commander having the strategic veiw and then selected groups to do taskes the battle commander said we should do to win. Atleast that was out plan. We never got that far, but we did climb to top 10 out of 32 servers if I remember correctly. we peaked at top 5, but the sad thing was that we never got everything sorted out before people started leaving and the best gaming experience in my life was over.



I am looking for a guild that will run "semi-roleplay-ish" by that i mean, A guild with a rank tree with Guild master (or whatever title he will have) and then have a system of players beneath him with (and all these are just examles) a battle commander, resource chief and any other possision needed for a part of the game so we can become a force to be reckoned with. 


  • Each commander answer only to the guild master. 


  • Each commander has his/her group of people bellow him/her. 


  • players in his/her group does not answer to another commander but should act with respect to a higher ranked officer.



PS: This is what i would dream of but if any guilds out there is close to something like this im REALLY interested in hearing your thoughts. 


If the case is that there is no such guilds out there, but there is players wanting such a guild im willing to help start it, but i cannot lead it!

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