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I do believe the current promotion trees are placeholder...And after all the AT's are in, I thought I remember ACE saying they'd do one big pass with all of the promotions. Could be wrong though?

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Yes, that will change. "Placeholder" is the name of the skill tree game right now. Take for instance the Doomsayer promotion. It's suppose to have at least these 2 abilities (according to ye olde disciplines video):






The column that lists Doomsayer is the "source" column, i.e. "this archetype and/or promotion will have this ability inherently," as supported by the Berserk entry:




So don't fret, your pew pew machine will get more toys to play with, as will everyone else.

Hi, I'm moneda.


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The promotion classes will be largely statistical changes to the max/min of skills that apply to the archetype, with -maybe- additional abilities. This has been said from the development team.


mrmoneda's example is misleading in that was just a spread sheet they wrote down ideas. Also, if you look closely it only has one 'new' ability while the second may just be a different version of the current absolution ability. Also, we cannot assume that the discipline abilities are always a direct port from a class ability(especially since they clearly state in a video no one is going to get the actual berserk but a less powerful version). It could also change a current ability if applied to a class that already has the ability or add the default ability to a class who doesn't have it. We honestly don't know.


Also, the current power set may include abilities that are only for the promotional classes.


And while the current archetype trees are indeed place holders, blair has stated that archetype trees are not really a source of customization, just increasing of what you get, so while some things may change in them, i wouldn't expect a large change, nob turning more than likely.


So to answer Dolmar's question, as of yet, the plans for them have not changed and they are largely statistical changes.

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