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Serious crafters might find the following of interest


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That's the spirit, but first let us first analyze what the commodities (inputs) are (Stone, iron, etc), what the opportunity cost is to get each commodity into industry (crafter and if applicable shop/building/thrall - mentioned in @narsille OP). This gives us an estimate of the input cost (time/money) of making something, which is known as the cost of goods sold (CGS).  CGS is the break-even point of just getting the materials. 


Why does this matter? because even with very light analysis it will become apparent what problems will be faced with making an item, which will help us make suggestions for change. 


Ill make a new post :)


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Oh god, I will need a whole weekend to read this :) But it will be a good practice for my English, I hope :D


On the bright side, "Eigenvector" is probably the same in Russian...  (And Russia has a real math curriculum) 


"The cinnabar is a lie"

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