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European Countries Kingdom

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First come, first serve. At the moment Ravenheart is a concept, but since there are no real EK's in the test right now, every community kingdom is. We do have the place, we do have all existing strongholds. They are just waiting to get populated.


If you think your country or language community might have enough players until release to maintain a stronghold, if you are interested in helping crowfall to grow in your country during this time, just claim a province and that's it. If there will be more than 9 countries/language communities, Ravenheart will probably split up into two kingdoms and we will have to talk about how we arrange provinces. 

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14 hours ago, Ambition said:

I wish you best of luck with this project if it's still going ahead. Looking forward to hearing more if it's WIP

Sure, it's still on the way. There have been a lot of changes to EK's since the first introduction, though, which had (inevitably) influence on the concept. So some things changed/developed, but the basics are the same.

Ravenheart currently provides a small village with all crafting stations near to the spawn temple for all of those who prefer to craft in a save environment. Feel free to visit when it's open. 


There should be more news about Ravenheart and the first opportunity to actively participate within the next few weeks, so stay tuned. ;) 

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