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Old SB Guilds - Searching for a home

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Hey Guys,


Been lurking for awhile and just pledged Amber - 


Lurking due to CU fence sitting but I think I always knew that I would come here simply because ShadowBane was the best fun I ever had in an MMO - 2am wake up calls to "defend" XXXX :)


I see some "familiar" looking guilds from the old SB days but can't be sure...... Fuzzy brain from back then!


I played on the RP server with "Morloch's Vengance"  (Spelling?) and was wondering if either them or some of the the other RP guilds from back then are still rolling here.  Not a HC RP'er - I fell in with the Iriekei (Spelling?) nation after the fall of MV but the whole let's speak a made up language is more work than I want to put into it today.  Also, my son will be playing with me but at a young age he is more mature (His Dad is a former Jarhead) than most 18+ kids i see playing nowadays........ We are coming over from NWO and GW2. We live in Costa Rica and will most likely attach East Coast slightly better pings but West coast if needed.  RP guild not required but they tend to weed out the kind of players that I have a harder time associating with.


In any case, I got the Amber to pledge over the resources to some good guild that will make use of it. Probably get gold or something for my son.  I don't see much spoken about it on the forums now but I know how important guild leadership was in SB and alliances.


Done fence sitting - let's "Get er Done!"



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There is a guild no one could forget! MV was at war with almost everyone all the time.....but UDL ..... ouch!


I have been looking at you winterblades too...... I like what I see so far and my son..... well while he speaks perfect English the nuances of RP may put undue strain - certianly on my watch lists.

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House Avari got its start back on Morning. I remember when we rolled Halethrain's xp group and he got so made he dropped a bane on our flycatcher town. Only 2 of our guys logged in and managed to wipe the bane group (only 10-15 or so) with the help of some guards. Many fond memories of those days. Hy'shen Avari will be carrying on the RP-PvP tradition in CF.

Shadowbane - House Avari/Hy'shen
"Gimp elves get good elves killed." - Belina

Avari Discord - https://discord.gg/Bch24PV

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Hheheeh I never did bother with the behind doors politics - Work and some semi/pro paintball was keeping me pretty busy back then - but I remember the guild with fondness and the game with some serious love/have!



Currently checking out Winterblades - was on their discord channel earlier -good stuff so far.  And, anyone who has not read their histories really should - Different server but same political story I am sure many of us experienced - GOOD READING! 

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Old SB player here as well. Man, I really miss that game. Heard there was an EMU simulator or something for it, but never checked it out. I still have 2 hard disc copies lmao.

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