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In-game Guild Support

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Concerning alliances, I suggest that unlike EVE, we allow them to be formed, but without any "public" notification nor in-game administrative and financial structure. Let me explain.


In EVE, alliances are in short a guild made up of other guilds. They have structure, leaders, rules, taxes, etc.


What I would find WAY more interesting, as I hardly see appearing mastodons in CF the way they exist in EVE (nor I would see the point to be honest), CF being made of non persistent campaigns (to oppose to persistent systems in EVE for example), would be to create an alliance by simply "teaming up" with other(s) guild(s) for the duration / frame of a specific campaign.


Meaning that two guilds could team up in a campaign, and be enemies in another. As the forces and resource distributions would change from one campaign to another, that would mean that what happens in a campaign could (and would) impact the alliances formed in another: treason would have strong repercussions on other campaigns, ending a campaign could shift the power one guild have in another campaign, as more resources could come supporting in late game (resources that the guild would not have been able to bring along at the start), etc.


Just give like a 24h delay to form / break a team of guilds, and you got a master power tool for games of throne!!! :)

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I like the idea of a Guild identifying who their Allies are.  Add open declarations of "War" with certain Guilds status.  Everyone else is Neutral.


A Guild KOS Board listing of individuals who've besmirched the honor of our Glorious Guild.  No rewards attached to avoid shenanigans, but their Guild name listed with them. Perhaps an interesting "drama" gage if we have individual's on KOS but their guild is either Neutral or perhaps even Allied.


Is there argument for some form of Tax every week/month?  Personally I feel there should be cap limits to avoid material/damaging shenanigans (over charging), but all Guild members should be contributing SOMETHING on a regular basis to the Guild.  (??)


How about some kind of "Jobs Board" ALLIED Guilds participate in?

This reminds me of Guild Wars (original) Alliance/War system.. Which I loved. 


To contribute to this discussion, I'd love to see a user friendly, engaging guild interface. A lot of ideas have already popped up on this thread that could be included in this interface but will reiterate again:

- Member list* (Name, Archetype)

- Member rank*

- In-game calendar

- Guild text channel (alliance one as well)

- Guild announcement mechanic (message of the day, or text command that puts an announcement across all guild members screen?)

- Join date**

- Member activity indicator**

- Guild storage (view/deposit/withdrawal of items/funds) with tracking of all items

- Some sort of reward system for guild members (Contract/payout system?) - A tax system on the guild would make sense to go along with this. 


* - indicates that this line item should be sortable within the in-game guild interface.

** - indicates this line item could be implemented as a cursor-hover mechanic when putting your cursor over a member's information within the guild interface.


  • An in-game guild database, that is searchable, would be great. 


  • Slyjeff has a great point too; a recruitment thrall (town crier??) would be interesting and really cool!
  • I'd love to see a permissions system that is really customizable that will include permissions with regards to text channel useage (member/officer/alliance channels), storage restraints (withdrawal/deposits), restraints on guild reward/payout. 

Of the Hawk People

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A guild leader doesn't have to be necessarily a single man. There could be some policy and a ruling council or so. In-game notes to store information about allied guilds for guild leader or an alliance system (just notes may be better, so an alliance is never in black and white). 


I think this is apart of the current plan.  They had a monarch system in their kickstarter where the King would be the main guild leader then hand out titles such as baron, count, etc, etc with different permissions and authorizations.  Or this is how I understood this system.

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An alliance is a social construct.


How/why would you enable this inside the game?

The reason for it would be so that you can have a large out of game organization with multiple in game sub sections, that would be under the same alliance.  Also then a more formal system to share permissions.  Think alliances in EVE, if your alliance owns a system then the corps within the alliance have free action within that system.  It would allow for EKs to be build of alliances and not just guilds.  Alliances are essentially guilds where a member can be either a player or another guild.

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Crowfall Division Captain (The Older Gamers) <TOG> - http://www.theoldergamers.com/

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Here is a serious question for all of you that are advocating for all of these systems that will allow for large amounts of meta exploitation and espionage. 


Are you in the leadership of a current long time running guild with more than 20 members?

If so how much time do you spend maintaining the guild normally?

How much time do you want to devote and require be devoted to counter spies in Crowfall?

Would you rather not just play the game in the worlds fighting and or crafting or do you want to do a bunch of paperwork and tracking of information and resources manually?


As much of the system that can be reasonably automated with enough fiddle-y bits to be flexible is what I would want.  I understand some of the flexibility may not be available at soft/hard launch.


I also want players and guilds to be searchable.

Guild membership should be tied to the player account not the character.

Because of above, we should allow for a player to belong to multiple guilds.

The EK system should allow the player to decide how much and of which land they want to contribute towards a shared EK for the Guild/Alliance.

Crowfall Division Captain (The Older Gamers) <TOG> - http://www.theoldergamers.com/

Personal Website - http://www.mmo-report.com

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Alliances and Guild KOS (bounty targets) colours. So u can reconise friend and foe easier and all that in the heat of combat

Light Green say guild
Dark green allies
Orange are guilds your at war with
Yellow Kos/Bounty individuals for the guild

Role/note tab.

So guild can leave notes about people jobs and what not for example Blacksmither and all that.

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Veeshan Midst of UXA

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I think the "Alliances" could be expressed through the feudal system.

Guild A Leader = King A with 50 members
Guild B Leader = Duke 1 of A with 25 Members
Guild C Leader = Duke 2 of A with 30 Members
Total Kingdom A strength = 105 members

What happens when Guild B grows another 50 members?
And...  Guild C happens to like Duke 1 more than King A?

Maybe Duke 1 of A will declare himself King? And maybe Duke 2 of A will swear fealty to this new king?
Kingdom A strength = 50 members
Kingdom B strength = 105 members

The hunger pressing on... "winter coming" and the ever changing relative power of these feudal systems will force people into alliances.

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