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Templar Powers and UI - Official discussion thread


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Sounds awesome.


Long live the templar, the knight is dead...


Myrm can take a hike too...


Is the champ even still here?



Whats the ETA for arrival? The typical 1-2 month wait to release/power video?

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Reproach is the second ability in her tray, and Righteousness is required to start the combo only. This leads to the next ability in the chain, Castigate. The combo then branches, allowing you two choices. Radiant Sweep strikes multiple targets in a point blank area, knocking them down. Your other option, Righteous Smash, hits multiple targets in front of the Templar generating Righteousness for every enemy struck.

This paragraph doesn't actually tell us what Reproach or Castigate do aside from be in the combo chain. Is she simply swinging her sword?

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Where is the dodge/evasion?


Right now i dont think the Templar has anything that identifies it. I mean, she seems like a mash-up of the guinecian and Confessor. My point is if you take pips and Sin away she doesnt seem to have anything special.


Of course this is all me saying without playing it, could be wrong...

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Nice, someone else with heals.  =)

I like the heals, but I like the protection of others as well.


As a throwback to Shadowbane, I wish the C power was named wings (not brilliance), and a translucent set of wings appeared (similar to the Druid's bear).

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So is the templar's ONLY stamina spender sprint then....? Curious

Good question. I imagine they didn't want Templar block to be as powerful as knight so they didnt tie it to stamina. Another option would be to make it drain both stamina and righteousness pips.

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