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Hi all. I just became a contributor of this game along with CU since they're both pvp MMORPGs which the MMO world has needed for a long time and both seem good. I'm an ex-WoW, ex-GW2 player. I played ESO for a few hours when I heard world pvp was great but then realized I didn't have the patience to grind pve to max level.


Anyone know when Beta Group 2 will start?


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Same here. GW2 WvW isnt great for sure, but its still the best one for me. There just arent many games like this available. And almost all of them are just side games of the real MMO.

No idea about Beta 2. But I wouldnt guess it will be soon, if they get enough testers.

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After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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