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Stitched versus Hardened leather


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Anyone else find it weird that


1.  Stitched leather goes into weapons - for example it is used to create chapters for a confessors book - however, stitched leather provides protection against stuff


2.  Hardened leather goes into armor - for example you can add hardened leather plates into a leather chest piece - however, hardened leather provides additional attack power.


I would feel more natural if you could use you stitched leather to (further) improve the attack power of my weapons and use hardened armor to improve my resistance.


Case in point:  If I craft my armor using two stacks of Aurochs leather and one piece of cat leather, the resulting piece will have something to do with fire.  (Hardened leather gives me bonus fire damage, stitched leather gives me fire resist).  Why not swap these so I could create a book using fiery gold bars + bonus fire damage leather.  Or, better yet, have a type of speciality seal that lets me swap the polarity...


"The cinnabar is a lie"

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I totally agree with TS, I've found this weird myself too. I don't mind hardened leather having attack parameters, it's good to have armor with bonuses to damage I think, but adding stitched leather to weapon, which only gives like +0.02 mitigation to something is really really weird. Did you try hardened leather in weapon craft though? I didn't, just thought about it right now.

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