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What Does Pvp Mean To You And What's Been The Most Fun?


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I recall when I was in college we had Doom on the network and were playing around ignoring the UNIX instructor as we knew more about UNIX than he.


I had seen and played it previously but hadnt noticed that it could be networked nor what that meant.  The three of us all running around in the same 3D game world was mind blowing.  We ran around mowing down mindless mobs/npcs when one of my friends nearly blew me up with near rocket fire.  He was laughing as I was near dead and I noticed he was running back and forth near a barrel, I popped off a few rounds and blew him away.


much gnashing of teeth and suddenly we were at each other in a pitched battle with the mobs getting slaughtered as if bystanders.  lol


It was doom, the doom clones, quake, the quake mods, half life.  I've never played through the single player HL1 and have only recently played through HL2 as all I had previously done with it was pvp.  lol  (crossbow is crazy OP btw, love the crossbow)


at one point during a LAN party we were all playing one of the heretic games (hexen II I think) and I was just barely surviving sometimes spam teleporting away, sometimes burning through all health pots, etc.  suddenly the entire group (which is just three others if I recall) stated they give up and conceded as they wanted to load up something else.  I hadnt noticed I had not dropped in a 1/2 hour.  I was downing players (just barely) even as they had teamed up.  Until that moment I had felt hunted, cornered, just barely holding my own, fight, fight fight.  I hadnt even realized I was "winning".


point being combat vs players can be crazy intense and nothing in pve/quest/grind land is ever going to come close.



MMO EQ Hell:

Friends moved off to EQ and I refused to play for a time as it was ugly, slow, and dull.  It finally went full screen (yeah was originally something like 1/2 screen game world and the other being character info/inventory/text).  I grudgingly played, I was able to do some crazy corpse recoveries (rogue) and did the epic dagger quest solo through plane of hate back what it was solo-able and was rather challenging.  it was just weeks later they changed it so it was reduced to a mindless raid walk-through.




Off to WoW (along with everyone) I was one of the first day guys and wow (get it) do people forget how horribly buggy it was.  I insisted we be on a pvp server and friends relented.  Back then there was a lot of world pvp.  it was so much fun.  classes were broken but it was still crazy fun and yes also a lot of frustration at times too.


Just an example of some of the fun pvp encounters I recall.  Hunters use to be able mark you across the zone and that mark was nearly impossible to remove.  While in winterspring a hunter did so to me and I played mouse running away only to use an alchemist pot that randomly removed debuffs (only had the one debuff), stealthed, and he was forced to fight me opening at melee range.  he died.  lol


During The Burning Crusade mages could one shot (or just about) and would nuke others off their mounts dropping off their own mount and feather fall before slamming into the ground.  I had a mage do so to me in the original Nagrand.  He blasted me, nearly killed me outright, I dropped to the nearest hovering plateau.  bandaged, stealthed, he hopped back on mount, flew up, hovered too close to plateau and promptly got killed. lol


However the most fun I've ever had in WoW was STV.  I was finishing up STV and I noticed the zone had a rather large swing in level.  the starting guys coming in were several levels lower then those leaving and higher levels would roam the field before leaving and gank lowbies before exiting to continue leveling.  It was what STV would quickly be known for.


Now no the ganking wasnt the fun part, I didnt participate not because I have any moral objection or care but it's just not of interest as there's no challenge, it's just mindless griefing.  What was crazy fun was shadowing lowbies as they started the zone and counter ganking the would be gankers.  I'd continue leveling and return to the zone waiting for the guild to form up dungeon groups / raid groups and shadow lowbies starting the zone.  I dont think I ever went more than 10m (norm was just a few minutes) and I'd be in a pitched battle with a would be ganker.  definitely the most fun in WoW.


Ungoro Crater and Sholazar Basin were some fun later substitutes.  I'd shadow my friend's alts or their slow leveling girlfriends (it's not a comment about all girls, just these girls) and we still talk about the humorous destruction of would be gankers.  Sometimes would be gankers would return with some friends and we'd really be in for a fight..  lol


I miss gankers.  it's such a dull world without them.


I can barely recall the first downing of Rag or Nef.  However I do recall the massive slaugher fests that happened in black rock mountain though.  people getting MC'd off the chain into lava.  There was a time the entrance had bones stacked waist deep as they hadnt time to despawn and would stack.


Back then raid guilds were large and rare.  We were running two MC groups.  Our group would solo / small group run in / get ganked / get MC'd further away / and try and do the 'corpse crawl' to get to the entrance.  I clearly recall people screaming in vent to just corpse crawl their way in and others crying theyre not able to do so.  Small parties would exit the instance to help and get blasted / they'd rez and get feared/MC'd further so the zerg could kill them over and over and over and over.


I had participated in this hell for several weeks and finally snapped.  At not insignificant risk of getting kicked I spoke (yeah we'll say spoke) over the guild leadership and "strongly urged" people to not stream into the zone and instead queue up in the next zone over.  we'd take an alternate route in.  everyone buffed, everyone set to go, full 40 raid party ready to smash faces.


guess what?  zerg broke, they got stomped, everyone entered MC and for once in high spirits instead of going through a 40m gankfest.  We never corpse crawled into an instance again.


Sadly those days are long gone.  Players warp into instances, there's no pvp choke points to get to places, what pvp there is is confined to 'pvp in a box'.  there's little risk (or reason) for raids to storm into cities and extremely unlikely for gankers to be roaming there.


sure I enjoy the battle grounds but it's quickly just the same over and over.  arena is just even tighter quarters with no objectives but to death match the other team.  no crazy fun things to spawn to do fun things, no random mechanics to change things up.  just the same boring pvp in a box.  The new pvp zone adds some crazy items but is just a road to fight on and some rather meaningless side objectives.  the zerg mechanics are rather punishing for melees too.




While ESO doesnt have much solo / world pvp / small party pvp, they do have some extremely impressive large siege group combat.  rogue/bow ranged this time (I wised up).  trading sniping with enemy archers and driving people off siege engines (or dropping them) is fun.  desperate stealth runs to harass siege engine operators, hunt and destroy enemy forward camps, small party behind enemy lines at choke point (bridge) to stall reinforcements from getting to the main enemy siege.  etc.. all quite fun.



So what forms of pvp and situations in what games have you enjoyed through the years?

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