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I did a quick search, and couldn't find an answer that helped. I'm considering upgrading my account, I purchased a KS account for $34 dollars, i believe it was the minimum that also included the game, plus a beta access (2?).


When I go to the store, I don't see an upgrade button on the bundles, only a buy now, and I am logged in to my account. When I hit the buy now, i obviously don't get the $34 off that I already contributed to the project and seem to have to pay full price. Id like to get early access, but I'm not sure how much more it's going to cost me.


Am I missing something?

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In most cases when people can't see an upgrade button, they did consume (open) their backer package. Consumed packages can't be upgraded, but you can contact support@artcraftent.com to get your package rebundled again (as long as you still have all it's items).


Just take a look at your backer rewards on your account page. If you see all the individual items your package did include, you did consume your package and need to rebundle it. If you see your original backer package there, then something is wrong and you can also contact support to get help.


Good luck and happy new year!

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Thanks for the reply.


I see the individual rewards, but I don't remember ever consuming my backer package, and at the bottom, it shows no history of doing so.


Off to support I go. Thank you again.


Edit: after looking again, I don't see an option to consume on my account, so perhaps I did.

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Kickstarter upgrades are no longer available, FYI to peeps.

Yep, was just coming to post this after talking with support.


Incredibly impressed with how quickly the response time was, especially on a holiday weekend.

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