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Hey Everyone!


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I've never really been a forum goer, but looks like I'll be giving it a shot!


A little info about me out of game:


I love soccer, but don't really watch sports! I enjoy reading (high fantasy) and of course gaming! I'm a fairly big fan of anime, especially the art styles! but I won't ramble on about that stuff at the moment. 


Now in terms of MMOs and RPGs:


Even though PvP has always been my love in every game I'm the kinda guy who would sacrifice stats for looks any day. I spent quite a few years in LOTRO and am a lifetime subscriber although I haven't logged on recently. I've never really been a fan of WoW, but I am currently playing some ESO and for the most part it's been pretty fun (getting a little boring though!) I've also played both Guild Wars 2 and ArcheAge. I was an avid SC2 player a couple years back. At my best, I managed to make it to diamond league, but like a lot of people I ended up playing more and more League of Legends despite the fact that it never quite had the same appeal to me. 


My favourite single player RPG of all time has to be TES IV: Oblivion

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YKicBAMlBk <---- so much nostalgia


And I'm Canadian.  :D Look forward to chatting with you all!


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Welcome man! and i also played SC2 back when wings of liberty launched :) it was alot of fun and made it to R1 Diamond as zerg :) 


Long live Day9!

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