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Heyo! SemiMong here! #GameOn


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SemiMong here part of the Game On crew! Aspiring youtuber that will be covering crowfall on my channel!


Thought i'd drop a post on the forums to introduce myself, drop a link to my youtube channel if its allowed and of course just generally be around posting! I want to be as much a part of crowfall as i can and that includes making the content, reporting bugs and just being a friendly player in the community, i'm also looking for a guild so don't be afraid to say hi! 



As said i want to be a big part of crowfall and encourage all todo the same, the concept of the game is like no other and could truely be a great game for years to come, suggest ideas, improvements, bugs and more and if everyone has the same attitude the developers will sure to keep on track with the great work they are already doing with the help of a great community! 


Check my channel for a tonne of content and be sure to report the bugs of the game on the forums to help the developers out! 



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