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SemiMong - Looking for a guild! (Any Role) **Info**


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I'm SemiMong, part of the Game On crew, my youtube link will be at the end of the post!






Class - Champion (At the moment, can change if needed)

Server - Eu


So i'm looking to create content on the game, obviously at the moment i'm working this around my playtime (Info below) with no one to play with, with a guild i would love to get guild/coop content out, if people have mics would be awesome todo some collabs, but yeah guild content such as fights, wars, sieges on other guilds, general pvp and anything else you can think of craft wise.


I generally play early morning to fit around work from late afternoon too early evening, then on a sort of bi-daily process would play late at night, time scales will be below, but any guild looking to recruit hit me up as can be flexible with timings to suit your needs as long as it doesn't collide with my irl job. 


Mon - Fri 8am - noon

sat 10pm - 2am early morning

sun 9am - 3


Times can be fitted for the guild :)!


As for a class/role, im wanting to be/current learning combat skills to be a fighter, but would also like to take a crafting route at some time so any role from crafter to harvester/scout or just a general fighter i can suit towards and for classes i dont really mind what i play, as said im currently playing a champion and going to test out others but if your in need of a certain class then let me know!


Anything else you want to ask or want to enquirer about recruiting me comment down below! remember i play eu servers :P 



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