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Assorted archetype videos - duels, ganks, island brawls and the apple thief?


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i'm bored of C fest stacking group fights [and mostly left click spam videos too...]

So here is an assortment of random roaming and non cheesy composed small scale duels across a variety of archeypes

and other clips from this weekend's test


(i caught the mystery apple thief?)




4 way duelist island fight:



Crowfall - 4 way duelist island fight - pistol and rapier

Crowfall - 4 way duelist island fight pistol only

Crowfall - 4 way duelist island fight rapier only


Crowfall - duelist - wrong place wrong time - 3 duelist gank naked knight

Crowfall - duelist and ranger roaming




Crowfall - confessor duel - basic naked untrained confessor vs geared/trained

Crowfall - confessor - confessor vs myrm

Crowfall - confessor - confessor vs myrm - with double duelist interuption

Crowfall - confessor - knight confessor vs legio ranger




Crowfall - champion versus knight

Crowfall - champion versus myrmidon

Crowfall - champion versus champion

Crowfall - champ 5 man free for all




Crowfall - druid - druid ranger vs knight legio - welcome to the druid blender




Crowfall - ranger - poor 1v3 newbies - 2 rangers and duelist


bonus additional clips:



i've come to the conclusion that the ranger is now batman...

the ranger: has pointy ears? a cape? punch and kicks? likes to lurk in the shadows in the future? has bomb gadgets?

YUP the ranger is KA-POW just like batman! even beating up poision ivy and bane!


Also an example of master of unarmed combat defending the innocent....

The ranger is crowfall's caped crusader....KA-POW! Arrow puncher!





ranger - void bug revenge - get up! run! i'll even give you a head start....



ranger - pin the arrows on the legio and give him a proper funeral...



ranger - BEASTMASTER newbie start trolling (no newbies were hurt in the filming)





Some group fights from Monday evening








Edited by Tinnis
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Always love these videos Tinnis.    GJ mate.

​The "Wrong time" one is .. well just cruel lol!!!

Edited by Soulreaver

Huginn ok Muninn, fljúga hverjan dag, Jörmungrund yfir; óumk ek of Hugin,, at hann aftr né komi-t, þó sjámk meir of Munin

Gathering of Ranger videos

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