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Hello all.


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Hey folks,


Been watching the development of Crowfall since Kickstarter and I'm very pleased to see the direction they're going. Decided to take the plunge, as it were, just before the end of the year based a lot on the information released in November.


That said, a little about me as a player.


My first MMO was Ultima Online before the Renaissance expansion. From there I gravitated towards Star Wars: Galaxies (pre-NGE, when it was good) and then further into the other MMOs that came along during the years. I won't list them all, but I spent a good number of years in EVE Online.


A lot of the concepts and mechanics that make a game endearing to me were introduced in these games, and knowing that the same creative talent that brought those games into being are working towards Crowfall drew my immediate attention.


The hook, for me, is player interaction, player impact (or control of) on the game world and the economy. These days I enjoy the trade/logistics aspects of a game more than it's level/gear grind. So when Crowfall looked to make a system of inter-dependence where crafters and adventurers require one another to be successful, I gave it a more serious look. Given the choice, I would entirely build a character that is 75% crafter and 25% combat (so that I can pretend to be helpful outside the shop :) when grouped up and gathering resources.) 


One of the trends that have alway disappointed me are games that incorporate a trade-skill system, then disregard it by making the majority of the items subpar (worthless) compared to items attainable from an NPC or through some sort of stat/reputation grind. 


Anyway, enough about me. 


I look forward to watching and helping Crowfall progress and claiming some small part in it's story for my friends and myself once it goes live. Look for me in the crafter forums.








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